The Administration Branch deals with establishment and personal matters of Hon’ble Chairman/Hon’ble Members and Officers & other employees of the Secretariat of the Commission. 

While the service conditions of Hon’ble Chairman and Hon’ble Members are governed in accordance with the provisions contained in UPSC (Members) Regulations, 1969, the same in respect of other Officers and staff of the Secretariat of UPSC are governed by a separate set of Rules known as UPSC (Staff) Regulations, 1958.

The main items of work dealt with Administration Branch are as under:-

  1. Creation of posts, framing/amendment of Recruitment Rules for all the Ex. Cadre posts/matter regarding UPSC (Members) Regulations, 1969/matter regarding UPSC (Staff) Regulation, 1958/Warrant of Precedence.
  2. Personnel matters of Hon’ble Chairman/Hon’ble Members and other officers/staff of the Secretariat.
  3. Preparation of annual budget/pay bills/matter related to audit.
  4. Coordination and compilation work of all the applications received under RTI Act, 2005.
  5. Recording and maintenance of Annual Performance Appraisal Reports of officers/staff of the Secretariat.
  6. Allocation of subjects among various Branches/work study/modernisation of office/monitoring of public grievances under CPGRAMS/prevention of sexual harassment of women at work places.