Combined Geo-Scientist and Geologist Examination, 2019

Name of Examination: Combined Geo-Scientist and Geologist Examination, 2019
Date of Notification 20/03/2019
Date of Commencement of Examination 28/06/2019
Duration of Examination Three Days
Last Date for Receipt of Applications 16/04/2019 - 6:00pm
Date of Upload 22/03/2019
Download Notification
Document Type Document Date of Upload
Fictitious Fee PDF icon FF-Geol-2019-Engl.pdf 06/05/2019
Examination Time Table PDF icon TT-Geol-19-Engl-010519.pdf 01/05/2019
e - Admit Card 07/06/2019
Notice PDF icon e-AcNotice-Geol-2019-engl.pdf 07/06/2019
Question Paper PDF icon Geology Paper - I, PDF icon Geology Paper - II, PDF icon Geology Paper - III, PDF icon Geophysics Paper - I, PDF icon Geophysics Paper - II, PDF icon Geophysics Paper - III, PDF icon Chemistry Paper - I, PDF icon Chemistry Paper - II, PDF icon Chemistry Paper - III, PDF icon Hydrogeology 02/07/2019
DAF - I 14/10/2019
Written Result (with name) PDF icon WR-CmbGeolGlstExam-2019-Engl-NameWise.pdf 01/10/2019
Written Result PDF icon WR-CmbGeolGlstExam-2019-Engl.pdf 01/10/2019
Interview Schedule PDF icon PT-Geol-2019-Engl-R.pdf 11/11/2019
Cut-off Marks PDF icon CutOff-Geol-2019-Engl.pdf 28/01/2020
Final Result PDF icon FR-Geol-2019-Engl.pdf 17/01/2020
Marks of Recommended Candidates PDF icon MksRcdCndts-Geol-2019.pdf 22/01/2020
Public Disclosure of marks and other details of non-recommended willing candidates PDF icon PublDisclScore-Geol-2019-Engl.pdf 11/02/2020