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Examination Branch


Sl. No.

Type of case/ subject

 Channel of submission approved


The cases pertaining to Examination arrangements and sanction of bills in respect of examination & recruitment tests 

 JS-Addl. Secy- Secretary.


i) Cases relating to programme of interviews of examinations

JS-Addl. Secy - Secretary-Commission 


ii) Cases relating to evaluation of records of service

JS-Addl. Secy.-Secy-Chairman  


i) Appointment of private councel

JS- Addl. Secy.-Secretary-Commission  


ii)  Cases relating to payments of legal charges

a) JS-AS If  rates are approved by DLA  
b) JS-Secy.  In case of pvt. Counsel, when rates are approved by the Commission.


i) cases relating to printing requirements of examination branch.

JS- Addl.Secy  


ii) Cases which involve major policy decision

JS-Addl.Secy.-Secretary- Commission  


iii) Cases relating to disciplinary action against delinquent candidates submitted for Commissions orders  



iv) Cases relating to un authorised appearance of the candidate(s) in one or more subjects in any examination.



v) Cases relating to change of Centre



vi) Cases relating to nomination of Member(s) for the P.T. Board

JS-Addl.Secy.--Honable Chairman