1. Consultation with the Commission / Questions relating to Exemption Regulation / Extension of function of UPSC
  2. Age Concessions and Reservations
  3. Seniority
  4. Service Matters
  5. Extra-ordinary pension
  6. Legal reimbursement
  7. Annual Report of the Commission – Compilation, Printing and Distribution
  8. Compilation of Material for inclusion in the Annual Report of DoP&T
  9. Annual Report of State Public Service Commissions
  10. Correspondence with State Public Service Commissions / Holding of National Conference of State PSCs
  11. Visits of Foreign Delegations / Chairman / Members / Officers of  State Public Service Commissions
  12. Correspondence relating to SAARC Conference / Holding of SAARC Conference of PSCs of SAARC Countries
  13. MoUs with Foreign Countries