Combined SO-Steno (Grade 'B'-Grade-I) LDCE, 2015

Name of Examination: Combined SO-Steno (Grade 'B'-Grade-I) LDCE, 2015
Date of Notification 21/07/2015
Date of Commencement of Examination 17/10/2015
Duration of Examination 2 Days
Last Date for Receipt of Applications 07/08/2015 (All day)
Date of Upload 21/07/2015
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Document Type Document Date of Upload
Written Result PDF icon WR-SO-Steno-15-Engl-Roll-200121.pdf 20/01/2021
Written Result (with name) PDF icon WR-SO-Steno-15-NameList-Engl-210121.pdf 21/01/2021
Final Result PDF icon FR-SoSteno-2015-Engl-15042021.pdf 15/04/2021
Important Notice PDF icon SO_Steno_LDCE_2015-190421.pdf 19/04/2021