1. Disciplinary and Appeal Cases Branch deals with the following types of disciplinary case:-

    1. Where the President proposes to pass an original order imposing one of the prescribed penalties.

    2. Where the President is to make an order on an appeal preferred against an order imposing a penalty made by a sub-ordinate authority.

    3. Where the President proposes to overrule or modify after consideration of any petition or memorial or otherwise an order made by him or by a subordinate authority imposing a penalty.

    4. Where the President proposes to impose any of the prescribed penalties, in exercise of his powers of review in cases where no penalty has been imposed.

  2. Consultation with UPSC is first, to give an assurance to the Services that a wholly independent body, not directly concerned with the making of orders adversely affecting public servants, has considered the action proposed to be taken against a particular public servant with an open mind and secondly, to afford the Government unbiased advice and opinion on matters vitally affecting the morale of public servants.

  3. Cases relating to officers belonging to All India Services are examined in the light of the All India Services (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1969 and instructions issued thereunder. The rules provide inter-alia for consultation with the Commission both by the State Government and by the Central Government.